So how does it work?

aWe arrive at your venue with our funky, brightly-colored quad roller-skates, wrist-protection for EVERYONE, a ton of glowsticks, LED batons and glow gloves our resident DJ with his equipment and Roller Rave stage dressing

We safeguard your venue space by marking off un-even sections of floor, covering any sharp-edges and creating a safe space in which to skate

As standard, up to 400 ravers can skate during the event, with up to 100 skaters at a time skating in hourly sessions which WE manage.

Our resident DJ spins the hottest selection of club hits around to both the skating ravers and to our dedicated ‘dance zone’ where non-skaters can get down just as they would at a regular dance event.

Our skate-marshal manages the ‘skate zone’ making sure everyone skates safely and helping first time skaters find their feet (or their butts!)

We rock, you roll and the Roller Rave dispenses hot club hits, glow material, an insane rave and general ‘good times’ for a full 4 hours.

Roller-skating is an exhilarating and health-conscious pursuit and has made a massive comeback in recent years. Dance parties, raves and EDM focused concert events are bigger now than they ever have been. We’ve married together these two participation activities to create what we believe to be an awesome concept in Roller Rave and we can’t wait to bring it to your school.




Can you tell me about the Roller Rave skates?

Our high quality, US-made skates come in amazing colors. They are safe for your feet, but also safe for the venue. The skates used by Roller Rave are specifically used for a function of this type, and DO NOT mark or damage floor surfaces, so you can host this venue in any gymnasium, hall, ballroom space, or similar location with an even surface. Our skates are designed for roller-rink use so polished wooden floors are EXACTLY where they feel at home. You do not need to book expensive mobile rinks for Roller Rave (as they are costly and often small with just a 25 person-max capacity). Our skates will work on any solid, flat, non-carpeted indoor surface.



How is the event laid out?

This gives you a rough idea of how we lay out the venue space.

Example room layout with all features in one room

If you have a smaller venue space in mind, we can run the skate distribution in a separate area – such as a corridor, or side room

Example room layout with the roller reception and skate distribition in a seperate room or corridor



What do you provide in your standard package?

  • Comprehensive A-rated insurance coverage (we will provide our COI at time of contracting, and can add you as additionally insured on request)
  • One of our awesome resident DJs, along with all DJ equipment and a branded DJ booth
  • A uniformed event manager, who will oversee the smooth running of the event and help train your student volunteers
  • 125 pairs of assorted, high-quality U.S. made skates. As a rule-of-thumb, this number of skates can generally accommodate around 100 people at a time based on varying foot sizes. Thus, in 4 separate, one-hour sessions, approx. 400 total skaters will hit the floor for Roller Rave
  • Wrist protectors for all skating participants. This is a compulsory requirement for anyone skating and takes away the worry of any wrist-related injuries from falling on one’s hands or bracing oneself on impact. As we expect approx. 100 people maximum to be skating at a time for each session, the number of wrist protectors sent will be just over 100 pieces for your event.
  • A selection of knee and elbow pads, for the extra safety conscious skater.
  • A selection of glow materials for distribution by our DJ and your volunteers, including glow bracelets and necklaces, glow batons and LED gloves.
  • Safeguarding materials for the venue, which includes highly-visible cones to mark off the area between skating and dance floor areas
  • Roller Rave branding for both the venue area and the DJ booth.



What if I want more stuff for my school (ie. more skates, more safety pads, more Roller Rave staff to run the event, etc)?

We offer shows for any size capacity, so please reach out to your Degy Dance representative with your requirements and we’ll be glad to upgrade your standard package to suit your needs!



What are other things I can add-on to my Roller Rave package?

Full PA/sound system, tailored to the size of your venue space. The cost for general, basic PA system is $750.00 for any driving date, and should be added to total cost. You would still provide the stage/setup area for the DJ and sufficient power for us to plug the PA/sound system into.

DJ lighting that is tailored to the size of your venue space. The cost for general lighting system is $375.00 for any driving date, and should be added to the total cost. Sufficient power will be needed to plug the system into. We do also offer much larger lighting packages, which are custom packages for bigger “raves” that want the mega lighting feel. You are welcome to reach out to us to quote increased lighting options.

Neon Rave clothing packages, which include items such as neon sweatbands, legwarmers, additional glow materials. These are priced on a per-unit basis, so please inquire directly for various options for your Roller Rave event.



What do you and your venue need to provide for Roller Rave’s arrival?

  • Eight (8), sober, and willing volunteers from your programming board or from a group on campus to work closely with our Event Manager. These volunteers will assist with ‘Roller Reception’, ‘Roller Skate Distribution’ and ‘Roller Refereeing’. A full briefing and training will occur 60 minutes before the event begins. All volunteers must be willing to wear a highly visible, branded Roller Rave jacket (provided by us). We would love for you to select volunteers on their willingness to ensure safety.
  • Ambient lighting at the venue. While there should be some light in the venue for safety and processing skates, we also want to deliver that cool, rave atmosphere! As noted above, we do have various lighting packages available as add-ons, keeping in mind that creating the right lighting atmosphere is an important element to Roller Rave.
  • A sufficient PA/sound system for the DJ to plug his equipment into for the event. However, if you do not have a quality sound system to use that is adequate for your venue space, we are happy to bring one along for a buyout (as noted above).
  • At least one (1) medically trained person on site, just as a precaution. We put safety first, both in the way we setup and run an event, but also in the way we prepare for the worst-case scenarios. Whether it’s a concert or roller party, people can get hurt when they don’t listen to the guidelines/rules or simply choose to disobey them.
  • Some safeguarding items will be needed as indicated in the rider. This includes six [6] plastic crowd barriers if you have these available on campus. If you do not have these available, we can set up the event differently and not use these.
  • Lit area at the “Roller Reception” with at least one (1) 8 foot table and 2-3 chairs. This is where each participant’s waiver will be signed, where the safety rules/guidelines are posted, and where skaters will check-in with their skate sizes.



What are the areas that I need to consider with my lighting and venue setup?

There are 5 key areas and components to Roller Rave:

  1. Roller Reception: This area must be well lit as this is where skaters need to review and sign waivers and sign in for each session. This can be in the skating/non-skating room if there is space and if there is enough light whilst maintaining a rave atmosphere, or can be in a different well lit area at the event if you want to have this separate.
  2. DJ Area: The DJ doesn’t need a lot of bright light to be able to put on an awesome show, however the more disco lights the better, to help enhance the awesome rave atmosphere.
  3. Skating Area: This is in the same room as the non-skating area. This area should be dimly lit and with disco lighting to enhance the rave atmosphere.
  4. Non-Skating Dance Area: This is in the same room as the skating area. This area should be dimly lit and with disco lighting to enhance the rave atmosphere.
  5. Skate Distribution: This can be in the same room as the skating and non-skating area if you have a large enough space. Alternatively we can run the skate distribution area in a side room or corridor. This can be dimly lit if in the skating/non-skating area, or very well lit if in a completely separate area.


What about the people who don’t want to skate or just can’t roller skate?

We have a dedicated ‘dance-zone’ area at the event, which forms an important element of the overall Roller Rave experience. Few people have the energy to skate all night, some people don’t have the physical capacity to skate at all and others just don’t like skating. Our ‘dance zone’ is designed with these people in mind and our aim is to make the event as inclusive as possible. This area is just as important as the ‘skate zone’ and our on-site DJ will ensure that Roller Rave is entertaining to everyone at the event, whether they’re skating or not.



Why book Roller Rave?

Roller-skating is an exhilarating activity, which has made a huge ‘comeback’ recently! The health benefits speak for themselves and the amount of fun people have rolling around listening to the biggest club tracks cannot be underestimated! Our DJ will ensure the party is pumping from start to finish, so everyone has a night to remember, whether they’re skating or raving. Roller-skating is an exciting and fun way to exercise that promotes healthy living as well as being fantastic entertainment.



Where can we host a Roller Rave on campus and how much space do we need?

We can adapt to fit practically any venue space. For safety reasons, the venue must be indoors only. As a rough guide we recommend the following spaces to be available for use as the skating zone area (keeping in mind this doesn’t account for the area of Skate Distribution or “dance zone” which are beyond the skating zone.

  • 1,700 square feet for approx 100 skaters at one time
  • 1,300 square feet for approx 75 skaters at one time
  • 800 square feet for approx 50 skaters at one time



How many roller skates do we need to book and what type of skates are they?

We provide 125 high quality, American-made quad boot roller skates as standard. This allows us to accommodate up to 400 skaters over a standard 4-hour show with up to 100 skaters at one time. The skates come in various sizes and in our experience, 125 skates is usually more than adequate to ensure that 100 people, with typical show size variations can skate at any one time. Extra skates, skaters at one time and show lengths can be arranged, just give us a call!



How do you allocate skates and how do you make it easy to find your shoes when 100 skaters check in after each session?

We have an excellent system in place for ensuring the distribution of skates and return of shoes is smooth and quick at every Roller Rave event. Upon entry to the event, guests sign a waiver and sign up for a specific hourly session. They are given a colored wristband, which indicates their session starting time. Guests can enjoy the on-site DJ and atmosphere when it’s not their turn to skate. When the first session starts, up to 100 skaters who have been booked into that session collect their skates from the skate distribution area. They hand in their shoes, which are swapped with their skate size and placed on a coded system on the floor. The code number is written on the skaters’ wristband, so that when they go and return their skates, it’s easy for the skate distribution volunteers to find the correct pair of shoes quickly and easy. When the one-hour session is up and the bell sounds at the end of that session, it takes just a few short minutes to switchover the skaters. Once we do, it’s time for the next session to get skating along to our awesome DJ!



What sort of music do you play? Will the DJ take requests?

We play the very best in, Urban and Top 40 ensuring that energy levels remain at a maximum throughout the night. Requests are not only welcomed they are positively ENCOURAGED. Our DJS are pros and can adapt to any crowd and any demographic. We will reach out to you during our advancing process to discuss music with you directly. All mixes are clean, radio-friendly versions.



How do we market this event to our students?

We have an excellent range of pre-made promotional material, along with a Roller Rave marketing guide, which we’ll send you to help promote your event.



Pricing points – how much does it cost to book Roller Rave?

Our show includes the following as standard: An awesome 4-hour dance party with up to 400 skaters (through the course of the night), DJ and decks, 125 assorted sized skates, our event manager (“Skate Marshall”), comprehensive insurance, on-site branding, wrist protection for skaters, additional safety protection, assortment of Glow Materials, and one incredible night of fun!

Please contact us to discuss pricing for bringing Roller Rave to your campus